Visiting rules and regulations


National Cultural Monument – the Nitra Castle


Article 1 – Accessibility of the Monument


The area is understood to be the entire historical monument, i.e. all buildings, courtyards, access roads and other parts of the object (hereinafter referred to as ‘the area’). By entering the premises, the visitor undertakes to respect these rules and to follow the instructions of the authorized staff of the monument administration.


The area is divided into three parts according to accessibility:

  1. parts of the object freely accessible to the public during the visiting time of the object
  2. parts of the object accessible only with a guide
  3. parts of the object not accessible to the public


Article 2 – Organization of visit operation


  1. Ticket office of the object is opened during the season from April to October, on visiting days from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  2. Sightseeing tours of the monument are divided into self-guided tours and guided tours.
  3. The intervals between the individual tours are determined by the administration of the monument. The visitor capacity of the sightseeing tours and the premises itself is limited by the operating conditions of the monument and the safety of visitors.
  4. Guided tours take place in groups of at least 15 persons. This Regulation shall not apply to hourly guided tours during the months of July and August. Groups of less than 15 visitors will pay a one-time fee of 20 €. Exceptions are granted by the head of the monument administration.
  5. For groups and individuals, it is possible to book a tour. The exact date and time of the start of the tour must be agreed with the administration of the monument, in writing, at least 2 days in advance by telephone, by e-mail or via an electronic reservation system. If the pre-booked group or individual does not report at least 15 minutes before the agreed tour time, the tour reservation will be canceled.
  6. All groups interested in visiting the monument are required to book their visit in advance.


Article 3 – Entrance fees


  1. Visitors are obliged to show the ticket at the entrance to the expositions or at the beginning of the guided tour, keep it for the entire duration of the tour and present it again upon request.
  2. An entrance fee is not collected from the visitors during the reserved hours, during church services and at times given by the director of the building.


Article 4 – Visit to the monument

  1. Children up to 15 years of age are allowed to enter the premises only if accompanied by a person older than 18 years, who is responsible for the child’s behaviour.
  2. It is only allowed to move on the designated and marked routes in the interiors of the building.


Article 5 – Protection and security of cultural monuments


  1. Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the employees of the monument administration. If the instruction or order issued in the interest of the visitors safety, protection of the monument and collections is not followed, the visitor will be expelled from the object without compensation of admission and it is his duty to leave the object immediately.
  2. To protect the monument, visitors and collections, outdoor and indoor areas are monitored by a video surveillance system with recording capability.
  3. Persons under the influence of addictive substances (e.g. alcohol, drugs) are prohibited from entering the premises of the monument.
  4. It is not allowed to visit the building in heavily soiled, inadequate or otherwise unsuitable clothing.
  5. Smoking, any manipulation with open fire, eating and drinking is prohibited in the interiors of the monument.
  6. The free movement of dogs and other animals in the area is not allowed. Their access to the interior of the monument is prohibited.
  7. Access to the Diocese museum is prohibited with bulky luggage.
  8. It is forbidden to damage or endanger the monument. In particular, it is prohibited:
  9. touch exhibited objects
  10. paint or damage the walls
  11. disturb other visitors or the commentary of the guide by noise (talking, music, singing, use of mobile phones and other similar activities), or make other visitors uncomfortable visiting the object; failure to comply with this condition may be reason for expulsion from the tour without reimbursement
  12. eating, drinking and chewing gum in the interiors of the monument, entering with ice cream, drinks, food, etc.
  13. usage of any two-wheeled vehicle on the premises of the monument (exception is granted to employees of the monument administration, persons with disabilities and prams)
  14. touch showcases, electrical wiring boxes, signaling equipment, fire extinguishers and any other technical equipment
  15. perform hygiene needs in the places not designated for this purpose (bushes, lawn, gardens)
  16. The Castle Tower may be closed for visitors in adverse weather conditions.


Article 6 – Specific regulations


  1. Smoking and manipulation with open fire is prohibited in the whole area of the monument. An exception may be granted by the administrator of the monument in connection with a performance at a cultural or social event.