Arriving in Nitra, the Nitra Castle can be seen from a distance. The route is clearly marked by traffic signs.

  • On foot

    Arriving from the City Park, from the hockey and football stadiums, visitors can use newly opened pathways along the northern slope of the Castle hill. The turnstile, located at the beginning of the path, is open from 6:00 AM till 10:00 PM. At the top of the hill, visitors simply push to open the barred door and appear virtually on the roof of the Castellum Cafe restaurant near the Castle gate.

    Visitors arriving to the Castle from the city centre, from Svätoplukovo námestie and Andrej Bagar Theatre, can use the underpass at Župné námestie next to the Nitra Gallery. After entering the Upper town road splits into two. The Kings road leading straight is shorter but steep and ends near the sculpture of St. Cyril and Methodius. The second road leads to the right, along the Church of St. Peter and Paul to the Pribinovo námestie, where historical buildings such as The Grand seminary, Small seminary or the Kluch Palace with the statue of legendary Corgoň are located. The statue of Pribina is situated in the very centre of the square. The road continues up the stairs to the Marian Column in front of the Castle gate.

  • By Car

    The closest car park at Župné námestie is available at a small charge. Free bigger car park is located on the north side of the Castle hill near to the Ice Arena. To access the Castle, visitors can use newly opened pathways along the northern slope of the Castle hill.

  • By Tour bus

    Bigger groups visiting Nitra Castle may alight at Župné námestie. Convenient Bus parking is available at the Ice Arena parking lot, located within walking distance to the Castle.

  • By Public transport

    A public bus is a comfortable way to get right under Nitra Castle hill. There are several bus lines operating around the Castle hill: line 1 and 27 from Railway station to Divadlo Andreja Bagara and line 7 from Bus station (bus stop Rázcestie autobusovej stanice) to Divadlo Andreja Bagara, line 6,9,10 and 26 from shopping centre Mlyny (bus stop Centrum) to Predmostie or line 30 to Divadlo Andreja Bagara.

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